“What have I done?”

‘A blast from the past.’

Some of the hard-working brand campaign work I was responsible for (from a while back) during my 12 years at Colenso Auckland.



Significant campaign work

created since establishing my own business.



Heres’ a window into some ‘little’ big brand work I have more recently enjoyed working on too

– ones that you may not be as familiar with, but that have all benefitted from a healthy dose of Creative Brand-aid.

Fred Dagg Festival Poster
Festival crowd

Out of adversity came opportunity. Waipu’s traditional New Year’s Day Highland Games were cancelled mid 2020 because of confusion around Covid-19. So, I suggested that the opportunity be taken to use the first day of the New Year (following a very crappy Covid-fueled old year) to invite the whole community to come along, care for, look after and entertain each other – with all profits going to local charities. With the support of the family of John Clarke (Fred Dagg), thousands of people “got in behind’ the idea and the day was a huge success.

Invited onboard – as a Consultant Brand Strategist and Ideas Person – by the nice guys at Big Fish in Whangarei, I developed Brand Strategy Platforms for these new products and services. My input also included the creation of new Brand Names, Brand Positioning Lines, Brand Icons, campaign themes and guidance on packaging.

I was invited to give “fresh life” to this iconic Waipu event. I recommended evolving the brand name, creating a new logo, campaign theme along with the creation of an arresting new image reinforcing our “blended cultures” focus.

As Fresh As The Day Branding
World's Oldest Soap Branding
North Harbour Law Billboard Design
North Harbour Law A4 Advert Design

I was invited by the Directors of this long-established Auckland law firm to refresh their brand imagery and in doing so create a more competitive and compelling brand message. We developed a fresh new look along with the promise to continue help people within the district to get all their legal issues successfully ‘sorted’ – in the highly professional and friendly way that they’d become so well known for.

North Harbour Law Logo
As Fresh As The Day Branding

My concept and brand imagery for a proposed new fresh-food freezing process that allows milk, fish, fruit, etc., to be stored, then defrosted up to up to 36 months later with a taste and texture just as “fresh as the day’ it was milked, caught, picked, etc.

I saw the opportunity to develop a totally unique range of soaps that could be promoted as the ‘World’s Oldest’. I produced the pack design, accompanying promotional material, while driving the sales and marketing programme.

World's Oldest Soap Branding

I developed a new Brand Strategy and Positioning Line for this iconic 150-year old event. Then (in collaboration with talented designer Grant Pascoe from Marshmallow websites) we created a fresh new Games logo, website and overall Brand Communication ‘look and feel’. I also recommended the introduction of a special sponsored Games Day event for the kids – called the Clan Club.

I was approached to create an overriding theme with accompanying imagery to lead a combined proposal being put forward to the Provincial Growth Fund by Bream Bay Maori and the Waipu Caledonian Society Trust.

A selection of my Brand Strategy, new Brand Name development and Brand Logo design work.

Branding examples
American Football NZ Launch Campaign

I was invited to assist in developing a launch campaign for an American Football version of ‘touch football’ here in New Zealand. I did this by leveraging the high-energy, engaging, American ‘street cool’ appeal NFL has with our teenage market.

My Brand Name recommendation, Positioning Line and associated brand imagery for the new environmentally and sustainability-focused, farm partnership business.

The Moa Project Branding
Festival crowd
Fred Dagg Festival Poster

I recommended a simplification of Waipu Business and Community Inc’s trading name, created new logo design along with a promotional campaign reminding visitors and locals alike, of the wide range of wonderful things that the district has to offer. If you love things like this… then you’re going to love Waipu!

NZ Soap Collective website
Peppermint Soap
Geranium Soap
Coconut Lime Soap

The initial client request was to help them turn a ‘nice hobby’ into a serious business. My strategic recommendation was to develop regionally-themed product ranges with the twist of collaborating with clever local artisans around New Zealand who would supply key natural ingredients in each area giving the soaps a real competitive edge. I then led the new brand name development, packaging design and for two years drove the sales and marketing.

Range of soap products
Creative Brand-aid Logo

"I build brands, really strong ones!"