What have I done?

A selection of my Brand Strategy, new Brand Name development and Brand Logo design work.

I developed a new Brand Strategy platform for this 150-year old iconic event, then went on to create a new Brand Positioning Line and (in collaboration with talented designer Grant Pascoe from Marshmallow websites), developed a new Games logo, website and overall Brand Communication ‘look and feel’.

I was approached to create an overriding theme with accompanying imagery to lead a combined proposal being put forward to the Provincial Growth Fund by Bream Bay Maori and the Waipu Caledonian Society Trust.

Invited onboard – as a Consultant Brand Strategist and Ideas Person – by the nice guys at Big Fish in Whangarei, I developed Brand Strategy Platforms for these new products and services. My input also included the creation of new Brand Names, Brand Positioning Lines, Brand Icons, campaign themes and guidance on packaging.
I initially prepared a brand strategy document for the Waipu Caledonian Society, then went on to create a new Brand Positioning Line, together with a wider Brand Awareness campaign.
Brand-aid Logo